What Do We Do?

What exactly does a handyman do? First & foremost he is a Ďmulti tradeí craftsman, able to do lots of different jobs efficiently.

Many people donít have the time, inclination, knowledge or specialist tools required to do DIY tasks themselves, but they canít find a tradesman willing to take on smaller jobs.

For example, it can be difficult to get a plumber to fix a tap that drips. Plumbers are usually geared up for larger jobs, like installing a complete bathroom or heating system.

Life becomes even more complicated if you have a list of different smaller jobs; a dripping tap, a sticking front door, a crack in a wall and a broken dimmer switch.

Now you are faced with the problem of finding a plumber, a carpenter, a decorator and an electrician, none of who are really interested in small jobs and the considerable expense of four separate call out charges.

Many specialised tradesmen will only charge per full day regardless of how long the job takes.

Thatís where a professional handyman can save you time, money and inconvenience by being able to do all those four jobs at a reasonable cost.

We specialise in the smaller jobs that larger companies simply aren't interested in.

With larger jobs, you are better off employing a specialist because they are geared up for one specific task and are likely to be faster & cheaper. We can sort out all the little bits they might have missed though!

You are welcome to call even if you just want some free DIY advice.