Flat Pack Assembly

Assembling flat pack furniture can try the patience of a saint - unless you have done it many times before.

We are familiar with all the major makes of flat packs and we even have a stock of those little fittings that sometimes get 'lost'!

Flat Pack furniture can be assembled and installed very quickly with the minimum of disruption. We can even assemble IKEA flat packs without the instructions!

Some heavier items of flat pack furniture really need fixing to the wall for safety and to keep them square (or the doors won't open properly). We can do that for you as well.

bulletPC Workstations
bulletKitchen Units
bulletTV/Hi Fi Units
bulletChildren's Play Equipment
bulletGarden Furniture & Structures
bulletExercise Machines
bulletStorage Racks

Flat Pack Assembly is charged at our normal hourly rates, which makes us extremely competitive. One national company charges 45 for the first hour & 30 an hour afterwards, two others charges 30 for the first hour, then 45 an hour afterwards +VAT!

That works out at between 250 & 400 for an eight hour day compared to our charges!

You can keep the time & therefore cost down by making sure the boxes are in the room where they are to be assembled, and that we have a clear area to work in.

Flat pack furniture varies in quality enormously. We assemble more flatpack in a year than most people do in a lifetime. If you want free advice before you purchase, please give us a call, we are not involved with any retailers and can be completely unbiased.