What do we charge? (Oct 2018)

Our charges represent excellent value for money. Bear in mind that because of our experience and specialised tools we can do a lot of work in a short time and being 'multi trade' we are much cheaper than employing several different tradesmen.

We are available 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

We operate on a simple hourly rate basis and only charge for the time taken to do the job. We can give you a free estimate by phone for smaller jobs, or by visit for larger ones.

The first hour on site is charged at 45 and includes all travel costs within the ME & DA postcode areas.

After that we charge 15:00 per half hour.

You can book a half day (4 hours) for 120.

After that we charge 10 per half hour.

You can book a whole day (8 hours) for 180.

Materials used are charged extra.

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We are not VAT registered, so we don't have to charge you an extra 20%. We will automatically charge at the lower rate if a job takes less time than the estimate.

With larger jobs, you are better off employing a specialist because they are geared up for one specific task and are likely to be faster & cheaper. We can sort out all the little bits they might have missed though!

You are welcome to call even if you just want some free DIY advice.

Please bear in mind though, that sometimes it's impossible to accurately estimate the exact cost. With some jobs you simply cannot tell what's involved until you actually start. In this instance we promise to keep you informed at all times, offer honest advice and suggest a range of alternative solutions.

We do charge a premium for clearing blocked drains and toilets. If you have ever done the job you will realise why! In this case the first half hour is charged at 60. We are still much cheaper than the larger drain companies.

For jobs carried out in the workshop, or larger projects like decking we will quote a fixed price for the job.

We expect payment by cash, cheque or bank transfer on completion of the work.

We accept all major debit & credit cards for payments over 100 at no extra charge.

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If you are a serving Paramedic, Police Officer or Firefighter and have a Blue Light Card, we will give you a 10% discount on our labour rates. Please mention this at the time of booking.

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