Building Regulations & Wiring Regulations.

You do not need to notify the local authority of minor electrical work such as;

bulletReplacing or repairing a socket, light or cable in any room
bulletAdding extra spurs, sockets or lights to an existing circuit (except in a kitchen, bathroom or outside)
bulletFitting or replacing electric showers or cookers - unless a new circuit is required
bulletInstalling modular kitchen lighting which has the CE mark to an existing connection unit or socket outlet
bulletInstalling security lighting to the outside wall of a house provided there are no exposed outdoor connections (as long as no new circuit is needed)

So we are able to do any work of this sort.

You must notify the local authority for electrical work such as;

bulletAdding new circuits.
bulletAny work other than repairs or replacements in a kitchen or bathroom.
bulletAny work other than repairs or replacements outdoors.
bulletReplacing a consumer unit or fuse board.
bulletInstalling a socket outside.

These are jobs for a qualified electrician.